Actions speak louder than words, we provide our clients with results.

EMC|BOWERY takes pride in stressing creativity, brand building and creating strategic relationships. We aim to exceed beyond any standard expectation, fully believing in the notion that "actions speak louder than words." True dedication is put towards creating an image and identity of importance surrounding each and every EMC|BOWERY clientele, resulting in a continuous stream of newsworthy press that is fiercely craved by the media. We use all resources available to create the perfect mold for our clients – buzz marketing, social media management, and exposure through online, print, and electronic media outlets. Media is the root of all publicity; it is the media that has the control to create or destroy. With this, EMC|BOWERY is largely dedicated to establishing and maintaining all current and prospective relations with the media, providing it with the ability to conquer event coverage, as well as successfully manage and position clients, especially in the time of crisis and time sensitive circumstances.

EMC|BOWERY emphasizes the importance of networking, not only within the media, but also in the public realm. With years of experience we have created a thoroughly developed database of industry trendsetters, tastemakers, and corporate affiliations. This plethora of affiliates provides our team with a varying degree of readily accessible and easily attainable array of potential sponsorships and partners. Recognizing that diversity in this field is key has opened doors into many new divisions enabling us to reach out to further target audiences in larger, more segmented markets varying in ethnicities and identities.

EMC|BOWERY has planned and executed a range of upcoming appearances and events that fit your target profile in order to create buzz, increase public awareness, and run in top editorial placements and long leads for nationwide media coverage. Surrounding each major appearance, we will create hype through real time social media updates and exposure before, during, and after the occurrence. No move goes unplanned--each appearance and event is strategically premeditated and executed to develop an intriguing image of sophistication and excitement, to ultimately captivate the public eye.

EMC|BOWERY has proven the ability to foster business relationships, build social media networks, and lead marketing and public relations campaigns within any given market.

EMC|BOWERY is not only confident, but also fully capable of creating and achieving the perfect public relations campaign.

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